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The Tailor's Tragedy
Type Book
Source Bowerstone North house
Related Quests Book Collection
Base value Unknown

The Tailor's Tragedy is a book in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It is found in the first house to right from the entrance of Bowerstone North.

Contents of BookEdit

This is a play by Philipth Morley, Albions most celebrated dramatist. The title's tailor is a young man from far away lands who washes up on the shores of Oakvale after the merchant ship he is traveling in is torn apart by storms. Thanks to the generosity of the townspeople, he is able to open a store, and the outlandish style of his suits and dresses soon make him a success. He eventually marries a beautiful girl and dies a happy old man surrounded by loving children. The title is thought to be a misprint.

Book CollectionEdit

In Fable: TLC and Fable Anniversary, this book can be donated to the school in Bowerstone South as part of the Book Collection quest. Once donated, Mr. Gout, the headmaster, arranges a reading from a passage of the play.

Passage from the scene, (as written by Morley), performed in "Book Collection"Edit

Billy (as the young man): What strange land is this to which the storm my body has delivered-surely, heaven it is and I be dead, for as in a dream, I saw a ship from 'neath me by the waves felt death's fowl kiss. But hush now, who comes here?

[Another student approaches]

Other student (as beautiful girl): Truly my eyes do deceive me for I thought I saw some strange thing move by the wreck of the shore.

Billy (as the young man): Now I know that I be really dead, for in this land do angles tread.

Mr. Gout: That's "angels," Billy, not "angles."


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