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Disambiguous.png This article is about the quest in Fable II. For the enemy type in Fable: The Lost Chapters, see Summoners.
The Summoners
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Ritual
Succeeding Evil in Wraithmarsh
Start Bowerstone Old Town
End Bowerstone Old Town
Reward 250 Renown
Trophies Hollow Man Head

The Summoners is a side quest in Fable II that is available upon completing the Hero of Strength quest. The Hero quickly discovers that two brothers, Max and Sam, have read from the Normanomicon, otherwise known as the "Book of the Extremely Dead." Unfortunately, while purveying the contents of the book, the duo opened the gates to the netherworld and unleashed an army of Hollow Men into Bowerstone Cemetery. It is the duty of the Hero to destroy the Hollow Men and find the book so the portal can be sealed.


The Hollow Men are divided into five groups consisting of twenty Hollow Men scattered across the Cemetery that must all be destroyed. Take the road up into the Cemetery, then continue following it to the small grassy area up ahead through the left gate. Here you'll face the first group of Hollow Men terrorizing the Cemetery. Smash them to bits, then return to the main path and take it down underneath the stone bridge to face another group.

The third group awaits you a little farther up in front of the graveyard gate, while the fourth wave can be reached by taking the path to your west from the same gate. The fifth and final wave will assault you at the base of the southern hill. With all Hollow Men defeated, your journal will tell you to collect the Normanomicon. The book awaits you inside the opened tomb at the base of the southern hill, right next to the last wave of Hollow Men you defeated. All that remains is to pass the book back to the "idiot" named Sam. Once it's turned over (for better or worse), you'll earn 250 renown points and the Hollow Man Head trophy.

This quest must be completed before The Spire quest or it will be lost forever.

Logbook Information[]

Two idiots have read from the Normanomicon, the Book of the Extremely Dead. The gates to the netherworld have been opened.

You got Max and Sam out of this mess, but who knows what mischief they'll get up to next...


  • Both 'idiots' in this quest are modelled after Simon and Dene Carter from the Lionhead team
  • The quest is a parody of the movie "Army of Darkness" (third of the "Evil Dead" movies), in which the hero must retrieve the Necronomicon from its place in a cemetery by reciting the phrase "Klaatu Barada Nikto."
  • The famous phrase "Klaatu Barada Nikto" is originally from The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • When this quest starts, the entrance to the Tomb Of Heroes, is blocked by a lake. Only after completing the quest "The Spire", the hero will be able to access the tomb. Strangely enough, the timeline does not add up, unless Max and Sam had scuba suits.

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