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The Sick Child
Quest Card Emblem
Type Bronze Quest Icon Bronze Quest
Preceding  ?
Succeeding  ?
Start Bowerstone South
End Bowerstone South
Reward 2000 Gold
200 Renown

The Sick Child is a bronze quest available in Bowerstone South. A woman sends her daughter to you for help, and explains that her son, Aldy, has been poisoned. The child in question can be observed rolling around on the floor, muttering something about the sky looking beautiful, and his body feeling unearthly.

Walkthrough Edit

Seek out the witch in Bowerstone Quay. She assures you that the child is in no danger; he's "probably having the time of his life", but suggests that she can prepare an antidote. All she needs are four blue mushrooms, which can be found in various locations around Albion.

Once you've got the mushrooms, return to the witch to find out this search was pointless and she had the antidote all along. In exchange for the mushrooms she gives you the antidote, which you can then give to the mother.

Mushroom Locations Edit

Heroes' Guild
Fish in the pond near the Demon Door.
Picnic Area
Talk to the young woman and make her laugh. Go to Skills > Expressions > Alignment. Try one and she will say if you are making her laugh. After finding anything that makes her happy, repeat it 3 or 4 times. She will talk to you and give the mushroom. An alternative is to kill her and take the mushroom.
Barrow Fields
Talk to the trader; you can steal the mushroom if you don't want to pay the high price, but this will affect your alignment.
Note: If you steal it, the fine will be actually smaller than the cost of the mushroom itself.
Guild Woods
Cyril in the Guild Woods will give you one after you deliver a letter. Talk to him and you will be given a letter to deliver to a maiden in Oakvale. The maiden can be found in the east side of Oakvale by the well. You can also kill Cyril and take the mushroom, but this will affect your alignment.

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