The Shattered Prism
Temple in the Whitespire Mountains
FTJ Prism
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests The Shattered Prism
In Sheep's Clothing
Enemies Corrupt Hobbes
NPCs Sol
Exits Whitespire Mountains

The Shattered Prism is a temple of the Enlightened in the Whitespire Mountains of northern Albion. The temple and its trials serve as a test to those who would seek the Willstone of Sol, the Hero of Light.

Constructed in the anarchist period following the collapse of the Old Kingdom by members of the Enlightened, The Shattered Prism, much like Bladebarrow and The Forge of Fire, rely on a series of challenges and puzzles that utilize one's propensity with Will power to test the worthiness of one seeking Sol's Willstone. However, while the temple's isolated location saved it from being overrun with the various beasts that inhabit Albion, the temple was eventually occupied by Hobbes that had been tainted with the Corruption.

Unlike the other temples of the Enlightened, no wisps guard the ancient site.

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