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The Sentinus
The Sentinus.png
Weapon Information
Type Greatmace
Damage 255
Base Value 62,475 gold
Augmentations Silver
Acquisition Temple of Avo

The Sentinus is a legendary Greatmace in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.


Said to belong to the bodyguard of Archon, first ruler of the Old Kingdom, this Greatmace is as majestic as any sceptre, and powerful enough to bring down empires to their knees.


Given only to those who are generous with their actions and purses, this Greatmace can be "bought" by donating a number of coins to the Temple of Avo. The amount needed is determined by the Hero's alignment, if the hero is part way or fully evil the donation amount required to get it is between 35,000 and 40,000. If the hero is part way or fully good, then it can cost up to 320,000.

It is best to attempt to get Skorm's Bow first, as the process of getting it will greatly lower your good alignment and cause you to become evil. This will cause the cost of the donation required to drop greatly.


  • It can be very convenient to acquire this as soon as possible, as the first primary quest in this region involves killing Balverines. The Sentinus' large damage and Silver Augmentation greatly aid this task.
  • In Fable, it appears to be the only melee weapon made of wood as all others are made of metal (other than the wooden stick that you get at the beginning). However in Fable: TLC, there is also the weapon Orkon's Club which appears to be made from wood as well.
  • The Sentinus appears to have been modelled after the Kanabo, an elongated wooden war club used by Samurai in Japan. Wielded in both hands the Kanabo was used against enemies in heavy over head swings, with bone crushing force. Historically, however, the kanabo was rarely used, instead being shown in a mythological sense being used by Oni (demons).


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