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The Search
Type Side Quest
Preceding In Wolf's Clothing
Succeeding None
Start Brightwall
End Brightwall
Reward 5 Guild Seals

The Search is a quest in Fable III given by a good-aligned villager created by players through the Fable III Villager Maker.

If players created an evil villager instead, they will be offered the quest How to Get Ahead in Academia.

Walkthrough Edit

After defeating Captain Saker, the Hero of Brightwall is required to gain the approval of Brightwall in Leaders and Followers. At this point, the created villager can be found in the village near Ye Quill & Quandry or the House of Slats. The villager will direct the player to some Old Kingdom ruins in Mistpeak Valley to search for some sign of their missing father.

The ruins are close to the path leading to a silver key and gnome near the entrance to The Hole. Mercenaries and hobbes lay in wait near the ruins to ambush the player. Once defeated, a bloodstained letter detailing the father's last words can be retrieved and delivered to the villager to complete the quest.

Bloodstained Letter (to a female villager): My darling daughter, it's nearly over now, they are drawing near. I was a fool to set out in search of gold. All I have found is death. Worst of all is knowing that I will never see your dear face again. Please forgive me, my darling. They are at the entrance now. It won't be long. I am exhausted. Here they come! It is time! Goodbye my dear...


Search the old ruins in Mistpeak Valley and locate the father's remains.


An unfortunate end for an unfortunate man. Still, his family can take comfort in knowing... that he died. Well, that didn't come out right.

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