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The Sculptor
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Journey Begins
Succeeding None
Start Oakfield
End Oakfield
Reward 100+ Renown

The Sculptor is a side quest in Fable II.


Simply go to the sculptor's studio and talk to her, she will tell you to stand on the modelling platform. Now pull and hold an expression until she tells you to release it.

To locate The Sculptor, Susanna, go to The Sandgoose. If you exit The Sandgoose, to the right there is a weapons stall and a clothing stall. Go past the clothing stall merchant and keep going straight on the path until you reach a house. Go a little past it and her studio is right there.

Plinth locations[]


  • You can only use holdable expressions.
  • You must have discovered a plinth before you can make a statue.
  • The quest will remain active permanently, even if all plinths have been filled with perfect expressions.
  • The lute expression will work; however, the statue will not be holding a lute unless viewed from a distance.
  • If you have an evil character, your statue will appear with horns.
  • If you look at a statue up close, and from a certain angle, it will have transparent eyes where you can see the scenery behind the statue, usually the sky due to the angle, making it appear that its eyes glow.
  • If you wear a large coat such as the Highwayman coat or the Noble Gent's coat, if you look closely at your statue, you can see the tails moving in the wind.
  • For those who are having issue finding the Westcliff Plinth; head towards the Westcliff shooting range, on your way you'll come across a three-way fork in the road. The left road will lead to the shooting range, the middle one will lead either to nowhere (if you haven't completed The Spire) or the new bridge that bypasses the Howling Halls, and the right road will lead to the plinth.

Logbook Information[]

A sculptor in Oakfield is looking for a new model.

Your statue will soon be erected in Oakfield for all to see. If you find plinths elsewhere in the world, you can always commission more.

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