The Rogue
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore
Description Steal something undetected from a building while there are people nearby, or see another Hero do so.

The Rogue is an achievement in Fable II worth 10 gamerscore points.

How to ObtainEdit

Simply steal something undetected from one of the many shops or homes throughout Albion to unlock this achievement. For those who aren't theft-prone, how to steal:

  • Approach a cabinet or container in a villager's home, or one of the cash registers within a shop.
  • A steal prompt should appear, press and hold "A" to steal.
  • If you are seen, an open eye will be in the middle of the circle as it prepares to steal, should this happen, just stop your attempt.
  • If you are seen, or you are found too near the owner of the building you stole from before leaving the area, guards will approach and charge you with Theft. (Any area transition, including fast-traveling to the same area should suffice to cancel.)

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