The Rising Sun
Weapon Information
Type Cleaver
Damage 61
Base Value 4050
Augmentations Righteous Violence
Acquisition Temple of Light
Rating 5stars

The Rising Sun is a legendary cleaver in Fable II. It can be acquired by donating gold to the Temple of Light during the Donating to the Light side quest. After donating 500 gold and becoming the Harvest Benefactor, donating a sum greater than or equal to 10,000 gold during the hour of 12:00pm (noon) and 1:00pm will win you this divine cleaver. The player must become the Harvest Benefactor before donating the 10,000.

Description Edit

The augment in this weapon cause it to inflict greater damage on truly evil beings, such as banshees and shadows. This magnificent cleaver once belonged to Roamer, the greatest hero from a long-extinct Southern Samarkand tribe for whom dawns were sacred. His combat style involved whirling among his enemies, shredding anyone who came in contact with The Rising Sun.

Multiple acquisition glitch Edit

  • Because the quest never closes you can make small donations until the monk informs you that you can once again become "Harvest Benefactor", donate another 10,000 gold at the appropriate time (noon) to gain another weapon.
  • Another way to duplicate the Rising Sun is to enter the Oakfield Demon Door (find any person who loves you enough to be proposed to, bring them in front of the Demon Door, and either propose to them or use the Blow Kiss expression to open the door) and exit again. This will duplicate the Rising Sun, and it is a good way to quickly regain the lost 10,000 gold spent at the Temple of Light.The Blow Kiss option will only appear if you've already been married at least once.
  • This may have been a hidden patch, untested on the 360, but when playing Fable II on the Xbox One, using the backwards compatibility, the Rising Sun is no longer able to be sold in shops, it is therefore stuck in your weapons inventory as you have no way of getting rid of the multiples. And you obviously cannot recoup the money spent.


  • The Rising Sun's name is complementary; if one were to turn The Rising Sun's blade upward, one would see it resembles a rising sun.
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