The Relic

The Relic

The Relic is one of the Fate Cards in Fable II. It likely refers to the Music Box which is used to defeat Lucien.

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Use the card to listen to what Theresa has to say about it. Though represented by a sword, the Relic is rarely interpreted as a literal weapon or a violent event. The emphasis on the hilt of the sword leads most card readers to see it as a reward, one that transcends the mundanity of instant gratification, and yet has no intrinsic religious or spiritual meaning, It is that which the heart desires the most, perhaps that which it needs the most. And yet there is no escaping that it is a weapon, even if its blade is covered in silk. Even today, some people believe that there is a true relic hidden in the world.

The Relic. An ancient device of incredible power, created by those who foresaw the terror of the Spire. It waits for one with the strength to bear it, and for the three who can summon it.

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