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The Prism
Gold Door in the Reliquary
The Prism.jpg
Location Information
Enemies Hollow Men
Exits Reliquary

The Prism is a location in Fable III accessed by the Golden Key Door in the Reliquary. Inside are a series of cullis gates leading to different ledges within the area. Each ledge is guarded by a group of Hollow Men and contains a treasure chest.


  • The treasure chests on the ledges contain the pieces to the male and female Highwayman outfit.
  • Always taking the left portal will take you to all of the treasures.
  • The Prism plays the music to the Fable II title screen, which also played during the Fable II pause menu. It is called 'Marcus Memorial' (sometimes 'The Temple of Light'). It also plays in the final Demon Door of Fable II and the Hall of Heroes in Fable and Fable: TLC.
  • There are various statues of what appears to be Fable II town guards.

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