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The New World
Type Side Quest
Preceding Do the Ends Justify the Means?
Succeeding None
Start City of Aurora
End City of Aurora
Reward 5 Guild Seals

The New World is a quest in Fable III that starts in Aurora harbour. A civillian - Malusa - asks you for funding (8000 gold) for their expedition to an unseen land in hopes of finding new exotic spices and animals. After some time, you can travel to Driftwood, where you will find a small island with a wrecked ship. Among the wreckage are some treasure chests and the scattered pages of the ship's log book.


An Auroran explorer needs funding for an ambitious new expedition.


Well done, you have funded an extraordinary expedition to find a new world. Or you've effectively just thrown a lot of gold into the ocean, never to be seen again. Only time will tell.


Main Article: Shipwreck

Once this quest has been completed you can head to Driftwood and look for a shipwrecked boat. Swim towards it and you will find 4 chests, each containing 5000 gold, as well as parts of the Ship's Log - all written from Malusa's point of view - telling of how they got lost on their way to the new world due to the lack of a navigator.


  • The initial conversation is a reference to Christopher Columbus' voyage to America, when Malusa describes the 'New World' as a continent to the west. Columbus was also funded by a Queen and King (Spanish) and as he set foot on America he called it the new world.

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