The Moral View
Demon Door Realm
The Moral View (Evil)
Location Information
Exits City of Aurora

The Moral View is a realm that can be reached through the Demon Door in the City of Aurora in Fable III. To open the door, the Hero must be completely good or completely evil in morality. The environment of the region reflects the moral standing of the Hero at the time they opened the door; a Good Hero will receive a different "view" than the one seen by an Evil Hero. The chest at the viewpoint contains a rare or uncommon Legendary Weapon based on morality:

Good Weapons
Avo's Lamentation
The Equaliser
The Shrieking Pilgrim
Beadle's Cutlass*
Briar's Blaster*
Hammer of Wilmageddon*
Scythe's Warhammer*
Simmons's Shotgun*
Tannar's Glory*
Evil Weapons
Jack's Hammer
Skorm's Justice
The Tenderiser**

* These Uncommon weapons are usually found in random weapon locations. Search all of those first to get a better chance at a Rare weapon here.
** This weapon is usually found in the Dark Sanctum. Complete the questline there first to get a chance at a different Rare weapon here.

The area beyond the door is a small woodland clearing containing some ruins and statuary. "Good" Heroes will encounter a pleasant, almost supernaturally-infused, sunlit area, a symbolization of "Golden Age" idyllic rule unmotivated by lower passions, the concrete karmic image of the "Goodness" of the regal Hero; scenery and life is "sparkling" for lack of better description, with a viewpoint that abuts a bust of a man carved from the cliff-side and overlooks a large body of water, beyond which lies a hillside city with buildings and another large statue. The music box tune plays tranquilly, soothingly in the background.

For an "Evil" Hero, the area will look the same, but the grass and plants are dead. The area is also much darker, the sky is red, and the water is replaced with lava. Several Spires can also be seen among the buildings in the distance. The meta-ethical underpinnings of Fable are directly given concretion.


  • You can get another chance at one of the Good weapons by unlocking the Golden Door in the Ossuary.
  • You can get another chance at one of the Evil weapons by completing the Goddess puzzle in the Auroran Mine.


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