The Marianne is Captain Dread's ship in Fable II, and is used during the quest Treasure Island of Doom! and is originally crewed by Dread's Ghost Pirates.

During the quest, the Hero of Bowerstone must find a lever in Captain Dread's quarters inside The Sinkhole in order to raise the water level enough so that the ship can be boarded, and steered out of the cave so that the Hero can reach Lion Head Isle, the site where Dread had hidden his plunder.

As soon as the Hero boards The Marianne for the first time, they are attacked by Dread and his crew. It is only after the Hero has finally vanquished the entire crew that the ship can be used.

After completing the quest The Marianne remains in the Hero's possession and can be used to return to Lion Head Isle whenever the player desires.


  • The ship appears to be enchanted, as the Hero needs to only touch the steering wheel and the ship "senses" their intent, and sails to Lion Head Isle itself.
  • The Marianne looks identical to every other ship in the game.

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