The Mage

The Mage

The Mage is one of the five Fate Cards given to the Hero of Bowerstone by Theresa in Fable II. This one refers to the Hero of Will, Garth.

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Use this card to listen to what Theresa has to say about it. The mage represents our struggle with knowledge and with the power it can bring. The desire for knowledge can be as all-consuming as it can be destructive, and attaining such power is fraught with difficulties. Knowledge can be both liberating and enslaving. It casts light but it brings shadows. It endows strength, but always comes at a high price. In centuries past, this card was most often associated with Will users from the Heroes' Guild.

The Mage follows where wisdom leads, but always into conflict. Making an ally of this Hero will cost you much.


  • The hand on the card is handcuffed, which could be a reference to the card's desription "Knowledge can be both liberating and enslaving". Also it could be that you have to go to the Spire and become enslaved in order to rescue Garth. It also may represent the fact that Garth is a prisoner when you meet him in the Spire, which is due to Lucien fearing his knowledge. Or, it could be all three interpretations.

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