The Maelstrom
Weapon Information
Type Longsword
Damage 58
Base Value 3,375 gold
Augmentations Scourge
Acquisition Temple of Shadows
Rating 5stars

The Maelstrom is a legendary longsword in Fable II. It is unique with a Scourge augment that does greater damage to lawful beings, like guards and citizens. It is the exact opposite of The Rising Sun, a cleaver obtained from the Temple of Light that does greater damage to evil beings.

How to Acquire Edit

Main article: Sacrificing to the Shadows

In order to acquire it you have to join the Temple of Shadows, get 2000 loyalty points by sacrificing people, and then sacrifice your spouse between midnight and 1:00 am. The sword will then be given to you by Alastair, the Shadow Worshipper next to the Wheel of Misfortune.

Only your spouse will do for the final "Ritual of Unhallowed Wickedness" sacrifice. No number of Temple of Light monks or civilians alone will suffice for this purpose. You *need* to get engaged, set a marital home, then lead your spouse to slaughter. There is no way to complete this quest without getting married at least once, affecting your stats.

The player can acquire two of these swords, in one play-through, if they complete the quest The Oakfield Massacre and complete the Sacrificing to the Shadows quest before completing the main storyline. After completing the quest Retribution, they will then be able to sacrifice at least one villager and then a spouse to get a second Maelstrom.

Description Edit

This longsword has been forged by the First Shadows themselves, beings far more pure in their evil and their power than the ordinary shadows that haunt Albion. When the founders of the Temple of Shadows tried to summon one of these beings, they were unable to control it. Before it disappeared into its own dimension, it slaughtered every one of them for their insolence, and left its instrument of punishment behind as a warning to others.

Trivia Edit

  • The Commandant of the Spire Guards wields a sword which looks exactly like the Maelstrom. All the other Spire guard captains wield swords resembling the Maelstrom, as well.
  • The Maelstrom can be seen on the back of Fable II's box art.
  • The Maelstrom has a similar design as the Enforcer.
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