The Invisible Hand is a property in Fable II found in Bowerstone Old Town. It is located opposite the gate to Rookridge Road.

Stats Edit

Base Value: 2800 gold
Stars: 1star
Address: 2 Cemetery Road, Bowerstone Old Town
History: An unofficial guild of thieves had its base in this house. The speciality of its members was pickpocketing, and it was here that they trained to move their hands with such speed that they would be almost invisible.
Bonuses: Speed Boost, Mask of Evil

Furniture Edit

Notes Edit

  • It contains a silver key on the balcony.
  • It has the dubious honour of being the only house featuring the Speed Boost bonus to possess only one star. The Pit has more furniture and stars at the cost of higher corruption rather than evil. The Invisible Hand includes a Child's Bed and is the cheapest one to include such a bed. It actually becomes more valuable than Manure Manor, dependent on town economy, due to the higher number of upgradeable furniture pieces.
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