The Hit
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Spire
Succeeding None
Start Anywhere
End Brightwood, Forsaken Fortress
Reward 7500 Renown
Trophies Lucien's Contract

The Hit is a quest in Fable II that becomes active after you leave from the Spire.

Assassins will attack you in a few regions and you have to kill groups of them to receive different parts of a map to the Highwayman's Guild. The first group is usually found near the Rookridge Inn. Once you get all parts of the map, you will be led to the Forsaken Fortress. Here, you will have to fight a group of highwaymen and then defeat their leader, Darius Zing.

The Leader of the Highwaymen, Darius Zing, has the following abilities:

  • He has the Time Control targeted spell (or what would appear to be similar to this, as it is a Hero power).
  • He can close off paths with his will, leaving you with nowhere to run.
  • He has all the skills of a normal Highwayman.

Lucien's Contract Edit

This is the trophy obtainable upon completion of this sidequest. It is the contract Lucien signed to have the player killed after he or she escaped from the Spire.

Logbook Information Edit

A contract has been taken out on your life.

If Lucien thought hiring the renowned assassins of the Highwaymen's Guild would be enough to get rid of you, he was wrong.

Notes Edit

  • Completing this quest will stop all highwaymen assassination attacks, but will not stop the general highwaymen and bandit ambushes.
  • You can do this quest after beating the main storyline, though Lucien is already dead.
  • The four fragments can be found by walking the main roads in Rookridge, Bower Lake, Brightwood, Bandit Coast and Westcliff where you will be attacked by groups of bandits. Also you can be attacked in Bloodstone.

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