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The Hero of Strength
The Pilgrim.png
Type Main Quest
Preceding The Birth of a Hero
Succeeding The Hero of Will
Start Bowerstone Market
End Oakfield
Reward 1,000 Renown
Trophies Golden Oak Leaf

The Hero of Strength is a quest in which Theresa tells you to go to the Temple of Light in Oakfield and recruit the first Hero, The Pilgrim.


The smaller quests that make up the search for the Hero of Strength are:

The Journey Begins[]

Main article: The Journey Begins

This quest involves travelling to Oakfield through Rookridge and the Hobbe Cave.

50px-20101003181337%21Compass_Rose.png Locations Unlocked

Completion of The Journey Begins unlocks access to some of Rookridge, as well as business and shopping opportunities in Oakfield. It also temporarily closes access to Bowerstone, which can be reopened by completing A Bridge Too Far.

The Ritual[]

Main article: The Ritual

In this quest you must speak to the Abbot to complete the ritual of the Golden Oak.

Renown Required: You are unable to continue with The Hero of Strength until you have accumulated 500 Renown, attaining Recognised status in Oakfield.

Travel to the Wellspring of Light with Sister Hannah and fill the sacred jug.


At the conclusion of The Ritual, you appear at the Abbot's funeral, where Hannah and two other monks are to dedicate and bless him. Hannah is despaired at the monks' belief that everything will go back to how it was, and sulks as the other monks leave. Theresa then shows up and offers Hannah a chance at revenge. As they teleport to the Hero's Guild, Hannah tells her, "Call me Hammer". The scene ends with a golden acorn planted in the Abbot's grave.

Logbook Information[]

Recruit The Hero of Strength.

The Temple of Light has lost its leader, but you have found a follower: Hammer, the Hero of Strength.

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