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Disambiguous.png This article is about the main quest section. For the sub-quest of the same name, see Returning the Dark Seal.

WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

The Hero of Skill
The Thief.png
Type Main Quest
Preceding The Hero of Will
Succeeding Retribution
Start Chamber of Fate
End Smuggler's Beach
Reward 10,000 Renown
Trophies Shard Shard

The Hero of Skill is a quest in Fable II in which Theresa tells the Hero to find The Thief. The Thief turns out to be Reaver, a famous Rogue in Bloodstone.


The journey through the south of Albion on the search for the Hero of Skill is made up of the following quests:

The Cullis Gate[]

Main article: The Cullis Gate

Hammer teleports in to the Chamber of Fate with the information you're looking for - the third Hero is a pirate named Reaver who runs the town of Bloodstone. Bloodstone is surrounded by Wraithmarsh on three sides and ocean on the fourth, so the only option is to get to Wraithmarsh through a Cullis Gate that Garth built at Brightwood Tower.


Main article: Stranded

The Cullis Gate malfunctions, leaving you and your Dog stranded in Wraithmarsh. From the cage you wake up in, you must escape and make your way across the wasteland to Bloodstone. During this portion you must successfully complete it without leaving the area, leaving before you are finished requires you to restart at the beginning.

50px-20101003181337%21Compass_Rose.png Locations Unlocked

Completion of Stranded unlocks access to Wraithmarsh and Bloodstone. A ship can be found in the Bloodstone harbour that will allow passage back to Westcliff and the north.

The Dark Seal[]

Note: This section of the quest is titled The Hero of Skill by itself. Because of the conflict between the name of the sub-quest and the name of its parent quest, the sub-quest is referred to here by a common alternative title, (Returning) The Dark Seal.

Main article: Returning the Dark Seal

To get this quest the Hero must first talk to Reaver in Bloodstone Manor. He will state that the Hero needs more renown.

Renown Required: You are unable to continue with The Hero of Skill until you have accumulated 20,000 Renown, attaining Luminary status in Bloodstone.

When enough renown is earned, he will state that he knows what the Hero is here to request and begins considering the offer because of all the gold that the Tattered Spire might possess. He agrees on the condition that the Hero return the Dark Seal to the Shadow Court in Wraithmarsh.

Quest Card Emblem.png Closure of Quests

Returning to Reaver after leaving the Shadow Court will suspend all available quests until completion of Retribution.

Bloodstone Assault[]

Main article: Bloodstone Assault

On returning to Reaver after delivering his seal, he will smugly state that he has sold you to Lucien. What he doesn't know is that Lucien has found out about him being a hero as well. The two of you will then escape through Reaver's Rear Passage to the Smuggler's Beach as Lucien launches an all-out assault on Bloodstone.

Logbook Information[]

Recruit The Hero Of Skill.

You have recruited the third and final Hero, and are almost ready to face Lucien. The ritual that will give you the ultimate weapon awaits.

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