Disambiguous This article is about the book "The Hero of Oakvale". For the main character of Fable, see The Hero of Oakvale.
The Hero of Oakvale (book)
Type Book
Base value 80 gold
Stars 2stars

The Hero of Oakvale is a book that can be found early in Fable II in the Guild Cave, in a side cave with wrecked bookshelves on your way to meet Theresa.

Contents of the bookEdit

This is one of the many books written about the Hero of Oakvale, who defeated the dreaded Jack of Blades. Though there are many conflicting reports regarding the Hero's life and his feats, all accounts agree that he wielded the legendary Sword of Aeons against Jack, and slew him twice: once in Jack's human state, and again in the form of a dragon.

Among his many other accomplishments are his victory in the Witchwood Arena and the slaying of the White Balverine and the freeing of the The Prophets of the Fire Heart.

Though any official record of his offspring would have been destroyed in the civilian attack on the Heroes Guild, it is believed that his bloodline continued, and that one day a new Hero will emerge to save Albion in its time of need.

Trivia and SpeculationEdit

WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

In the description of the book, it mentions that the Hero wielded the Sword of Aeons when, in fact, the Hero had a choice to kill his sister, Theresa, and keep the sword for himself or throw it into the Void. It's possible that they are assuming that the Hero chose to kill his sister, or that you are to assume the writer confused Avo's Tear, a legendary sword you get if you do not kill your sister, with the Sword of Aeons. It is far more likely that the author made an error in that Theresa, the Hero of Oakvale's sister, is alive in Fable II.

It is interesting that this book can be found in the ruins of the Heroes' Guild when the book was most likely written many many years after the fall of the Guild, as made obvious by the last paragraph.

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