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The Hammerthyst
Weapon Information
Type Hammer
Damage 78
Base Value 4725
Augmentations Barkskin Augment
Acquisition Serenity Farm
Rating five stars

The Hammerthyst is a legendary weapon in Fable II. It is a hammer weapon that has the Barkskin augmentation which makes you more resistant to damage but less resistant to scarring.

It is also one of the easiest to acquire weapons in the entire game, and thus can be used quite early on.


The origins of this gorgeous gem-headed warhammer are shrouded in mystery. It has resurfaced many times in history, and served many masters, all of which were said to become invincible when wielding it. According to popular myth, it is the hammer that finds and chooses its next master.


The Hammerthyst is located at the Homestead, through the Oakfield Demon Door. Opening the door requires the "Blow Kiss" expression. Use the "Blow Kiss" expression when prompted by the Demon Door, which is found by taking the winding path leading to the lake from The Sandgoose. You can also become engaged in front of the door to open it by bringing your soon-to-be spouse into the door's sight and giving them a ring. If you are already married, bringing your spouse will open the door as well. You now have access to, and ownership of the Serenity Farm--a small area with a house and a windmill. Inside the windmill is a treasure chest containing the Hammerthyst. If you proposed to someone, you can make them very happy by setting Serenity Farm as your marital home.


  • The name "Hammerthyst" is a play on the word "Amethyst", the purple gem at the head of the weapon.
  • Attaching large chunks of gemstone or decorative stones (shaped or naturally formed) to the heads of weapons is an ancient real world practice, most notable amongst the Aztec (Obsidian) people. They are fairly common in many roleplaying games.
  • Both the name and hammer itself is likely a reference to a weapon that appeared in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade named 'Hammer of the Naaru', which is also a purple, gem-headed warhammer.
  • When you first retrieve the weapon,the info will state "Better then your..." with whatever weapon you have equipped at the time conclusing the sentence.