The Grumpy Rabbit
Type Book
Source Shadow Court in the Snowglobe
Base value 40 gold
Stars 1star

The Grumpy Rabbit is a book featured in the See the Future DLC. It can be found in the Cursed Snowglobe (Shadow Court) on a root in a hidden tree room.

Contents of Book Edit

"There once lived a rabbit, whose name was Grumpy George. Oh, how he did love to bound and play and explore. One day he left his burrow, ready for adventure and wonderful discoveries, ignoring the heeds of his mother and seventy-four brothers and sisters not to wander away from home. Off George went, searching for something to add variety to his carrot-heavy diet. Not only did he find nothing new, but when he returned he saw the door to the burrow was locked. 'Oh no!' he said to himself. 'The door to the burrow is locked.' Poor Grumpy George had no choice but to wander the land for the next forty years until, haggard and emaciated, he came upon four stone gates. He knew at once there was something magical about them. They would show him the way home. He went through the first and came upon a briar, pricking his not-so-fluffy tail as he turned back. He went through the second gate, all covered in ivy, but still nothing happened. Through the third gate he hopped, past a jagged tree stump and not much else at all. Finally, he made his way through the last gate, and there he found the skeleton of a strange, gigantic creature. But wait! There was more! Upon a rock was a large, oddly decorated egg. He snatched it in his once cute paws and hopped his way back to the burrow. The door was still locked, but George knew what to do. He must put the egg in the large basket nearby. 'I know,' he thought. 'I'll put the egg in the large basket nearby.' And when he did..."The rest of the story seems to be missing.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can reenact Grumpy George's adventure in the Cursed Skull. The gates referred to in the story are the stone arches found near the location of the Balverine suit. By acting out the story the player will receive The Dingly Egg, which can be placed in the basket outside the tree near the Hobbe cave. The player can then enter the Dingly Burrow under the tree. In this burrow there are a lot of carrots and the Ashfield House Key.

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