The Forge of Fire
Temple in Thorndeep
FTJ Forge of Fire
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests Death in the Afternoon
The Forge of Fire
Reunions and Partings
Enemies Rockmites
White Balverine
NPCs Bob
Exits Thorndeep

The Forge of Fire is a temple of the Enlightened in the Thorndeep Forest of the Edgelands.

Found past the eastern reaches of Thorndeep, the Forge of Fire is appropriately located in the Lava Fields that border Thorndeep and Miremoor. The temple was built during the anarchist period of Albion's history, following the collapse of the Old Kingdom, to test the worthiness of someone seeking the Willstone of Blaze, utilizing a series of puzzles and fire-traps to do so. Although the temple is guarded by Bob and Finley, two wisps who were once members of the Enlightened, the area has become completely overrun in the constant centuries since the fall of the Kingdom, and is now occupied by endless swarms of rockmites and more than one pack of balverines.

Forge Camp Edit

A small campsite is located in the lava fields outside the temple amidst ancient mechanisms and quarry workings. The camp contains a water trough and a small cave.


  • Although a relic of the years following the fall of the Old Kingdom, the design of the Forge of Fire represents a radical departure from traditional Old Kingdom style architecture, bearing cogs, elevators, and steam engines much more reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution. Whether this is an indication of the Old Kingdom's technological prowess, an oversight by the developers, or sheer coincidence is unknown.
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