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Marker Bars are a type of template on the wiki. They are used on articles to provide short, specific details about the article. This page details what each bar means and what the outcomes of their respective details mean for the game.

Alignment Bars[]

Moral Dilemma:

The Moral Dilemma bar shows a quest that can have alternative endings that can affect the player's alignment, or to show when a quest has a moral opposite. For example, The Oakfield Massacre is the moral opposite to Defender of the Light, and Rescuing Charlie has three different endings that affect alignments in different ways.

Renown Bars[]

Renown Required:

The Renown Required bar marks a point in a quest that the player is unable to progress past until they have accumulated a specific amount of renown. The rest of the information details the location and title of the renown level required, if appropriate.

Guild Seals Required:

The Guild Seals Required bar serves the same purpose, but is used for the Guild Seals required in Fable III.

Quest Bars[]

Quest Required:

The Quest Required bar details which quest must be completed before a location can be accessed.

Quests Suspended:

The Quests Suspended bar shows when having a certain quest active temporarily stops the player from being able to complete any others.

Optional Stop:

The Optional Stop bar is used in Fable: The Journey walkthrough articles. It shows when the carriage can be stopped to explore a side area. Click the [show] button to view the details.

Location Bars[]

Location Unlocked:

The Location Unlocked bar shows what locations are unlocked by completing a particular quest.

Forever Changed:

The Forever Changed bar marks a quest that can change the economy and/or landscape of the region the quest takes place in. For example, The region of Oakfield changes upon completion of Defender of the Light or The Oakfield Massacre; the economy, buildings and environment will be different when the player returns from the Spire. Since you can't undo the quests you have completed, the region is 'Forever Changed' by completing the quest.

Rest Stop:

The Rest Stop bar is used in Fable: The Journey walkthrough articles. It shows where you can go to heal Seren during your travels. See Rest Stop for more details.