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{{Quote|This is my Albion. Its people will do as I say... or they will die.|[[Logan]]}}

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Current Nominations

"You have obtained a pair of... Well, what happened was, you managed to acquire... Benjamina wanted... Look, you know what you did."
— Reaver's Unmentionables Conclusion
"That jacket absolutely screams 'princess'. Which is something my uncle used to do; we never did learn why."
— Jasper
"Now here is where you can fine-tune the more esoteric aspects of your adventuring experience. Not entirely certain I'm using "esoteric" correctly there, but no matter."
— Jasper
  • (This quote hits the nail right on the head both for the game and this site, on so many levels.)ChitownCooperator 06:38, December 4, 2011 (UTC)
"Before we go any further, I'd just like to say one thing. BAAAAAAALLLLLLLS!!!"
— Sir Walter Beck
"If we cannot eat we will die, and the dead make poor allies."
— Sabine
"The demons and Gods you fear and worship are as nothing to me!"
— Jack Of Blades
"We will be so lonely without you and die.Love, Chesty"
— Chesty
"And yet what purpose doth heartache serve, when the infinite dark blanket that is death falls softly upon our still beating corpse?"
— Lambert
  • I vote in favour of the above quote. My sentence has a heart, every argument you make for the rest of your life is invalid. ❤ ~Xephinetsa 09:43, September 16, 2011 (UTC)
"Great, big, giant bosoms!"
— Pinch
"Yes, you guessed shot."
— Reaver
"All that you love shall become shadow. All that you see shall become death."
— The Crawler
"Stop. You've won. This battle is yours. Kill me or let me live; it's your choice, and my men will honour it. We may be nothing but Mercenaries, but we have our codes, just like any other soldier. We'll leave the Dwellers be, no matter what you do! That is a warrior's promise!"
— Saker
"I will never forgive you!"
— Hero of Brightwall
"You've done me proud boy, you've always done me proud."
— Walter Beck
"I like what you've done with your... skin."
— Jasper
"Tatty Bye!"
— Reaver
"Hope the crown fits."
— Ben Finn
"After years of imprisonment, I have finally returned to my beloved island... My industries may have been handed over to that unscrupulous villain Reaver and my name may have been struck from all official records, but at least I am with my creations once again."
— Professor Faraday's Diaries
"Don't forget the pay rise!"
— Ben Finn
"Those gloves fit perfectly, If only there was a phrase that described the situation but i cannot bring myself to say the one that springs to life."
— Jasper
  • This doesn't read very well. Perhaps check the grammar of the subtitles again. Enodoc(Talk) (User Space) 19:18, March 10, 2011 (UTC)
" your health is low "
— The Guildmaster

Past Nominations

"Teach me how to be a Hero!"
— Hero of Brightwall
"Balls, I knew this was going to happen."
— Sir Walter Beck
"You’re... you’re dressed as a chicken. What are you... what are you planning to do... dressed as a chicken?"
— Jasper
  • I vote in favor of the above quote to be the next featured quote. Soren7550 16:08, January 24, 2011 (UTC)
"But lying down is so much easier then standing up."
— Reaver
"When freedom is nothing but a dream, it's time to take a stand."
— Theresa
"Do you ever get the feeling that someone is playing games with us?"
— Walter Beck
"If only we knew some sort of tiny, crazy old man who enjoyed blowing things up."
— Ben Finn
"All the gnomes on the right say 'pointy little hats'!"
— Brian
"We're going to show Logan just what traitors can do."
— Ben Finn
"I don't like to come between siblings; well, that's not entirely true, there was that one time..."
— Reaver
"When life gives you bridges, make bridgemonade!"
— Barnum
"Hey! You're very good at games, aren't you? Do you ever cut the legs off adventurers and see how long it takes them to crawl to what they think is safety but is actually a swamp filled with flesh-eating insects? That's one of my favourites. Maybe we can play it later!"
— Chesty
  • I Strongly vote for this sociopathic statement. DeviantRanger 15:19, January 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • I also vote for this one. A really interesting idea for a new mini-game, by the way. Reaverstomper 12:40, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
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