Guild Seal Trans The Fable Wiki's Affiliates are a set of Wikia wikis who advertise the Fable Wiki on their main page in exchange for an advert of their wiki on our main page. This project page is designed to explain affiliations, in order to help wikis who are looking for an affiliation with us, and to help editors understand the benefits of wiki affiliation.

Current Affiliates Edit


Affiliation Edit

Affiliation with another wiki provides benefits to both sides. By advertising on one wiki's main page, the partner wiki gets publicity and viewers. These may become editors, and give another wiki a new contributor, further extending the content of the site.

Affiliating with Fable Wiki Edit

If you would like your wiki to become an affiliate of Fable Wiki:

  • An active admin of the wiki should suggest it on the talk page, providing a link to the wiki
  • The wiki needs to have a graphic wordmark (like this)
  • The wiki should have appropriate vandalism control
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