The Empress
Species Human
Gender Female
Home Zahadar
Relationships Zarak (Spouse)
Enemies Hero of Brightwall
Ben Finn
First Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Last Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Status Alive

The Empress is one of the main antagonists in Fable: Edge of the World. She is the current ruler of Samarkand.

During the events of Fable III, the woman who came to be known as the Empress was discovered by Emperor Zarak while on a mission to meet with a king of a faraway land. Marrying Zarak, the Empress came to Samarkand a year later completely obscured from view, as it was said those who gazed upon her became mad with desire. This was the case of Emperor Zarak, who soon became a petty tyrant, enacting harsh new decrees and ordering a wall built around Zahadar while spending all his time with his wife. When he died shortly afterward, the Empress became Samarkand's ruler, killing any who resisted her rule. A few years later, the Darkness returned in Samarkand.

However, while the Empress attempted to keep Samarkand under her control, a Samarkandian local and guide named Shan managed to escape, fleeing to the pastoral and prosperous lands of Albion to the west. Venturing there in an attempt to find allies to fight the Darkness and the Empress, Shan managed to recruit Albion's greatest Hero and current King - the Hero of Brightwall. Taking a regiment of the Albion Royal Army, as well as allies like Ben Finn and Kalin, the Hero set out to Samarkand to end the threat of the Darkness and the rule of the Empress.

After a series of harrowing adventures and battles, the army managed to reach the gates of Zahadar, where the Hero formulated a plan to capture the Empress by sneaking into her ornate palace while the Royal Army, lead by Garth, would attack the city head-on. Unfortunately, the Hero underestimated the Empress, who used her considerable beauty to distract the Hero while he was knocked unconcious. The untimely arrival of the Darkness also forced the Albion Royal Army to retreat.

Once his friends left him, the Hero became a prisoner to the Empress, who continously tried to seduce him and break his will by claiming that the Hero's friends had abandoned him and that there were no more Heroes in Albion. However, she underestimated the resolve and the will of Albion's Hero King. Undaunted, the Empress planned to one day break the Hero of Brightwall, continuing to rule Samarkand as she saw fit.

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