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The Dragons
Type Book
Source Heroes' Guild
Related Quests Book Collection
Base value Unknown

The Dragons is a book in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It can be found on a bookshelf in the Heroes' Guild.

Contents of BookEdit

Many Dragons lived in Albion, but the Old Kingdom huntsmen killed them for sport. The survivors fled to the mountains and the Northern Wastes and overtime they grew less powerful, and their fiery breath less dangerous. Without man they had no natural enemies. But a dragon is a dragon and to this day when an Albion child has an accident in this underpants it's known as 'Seeing a Dragon'. Although sometimes it's just known as 'pooing yourself, you dirty little boy'.

Book CollectionEdit

In Fable: TLC and Fable Anniversary, this book can be donated to the school in Bowerstone South as part of the quest Book Collection. Once donated, Mr. Gout, the headmaster, will teach his students a lesson on the book:

Mr. Gout: A long time ago, well before the age of the Old Kingdom, the skies of Albion were full of fearsome, majestic dragons. They flew wherever they wished, at the people's livestock, rained down fire on their villages and distressed their damsels. Then came the kingdom of Archon, and with it Heroes who hunted the dragons for sport, almost driving them to extinction. Before long, every home in Albion had dragon scale curtains, dragon claw backscratchers and dragon foot paperweights. The few remaining dragons fled to the Northern Wastes. And there they remain to this day. Though they are nowhere near as powerful now as they once were, they still represent a Hero's ultimate test.

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