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The Devourer
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Enemy Information
Type The Corrupted
Games Fable: The Journey

The Devourer is a creature of the Void, an agent of the Corruption, and one of the Corruptor's chief lieutenants. It was the second lieutenant that the Corruptor sent into Albion after the loss of its first, the Crawler.


Arrival to AlbionEdit

When the Devourer entered Albion, it was sent to weaken the land to prepare for the arrival of its master, the Corruptor. Key to this mission was the death of the Seer Theresa, who the Devourer managed to cripple in an attack before Theresa escaped. Catching brief respite with the passing Dweller Gabriel, the duo were soon chased by the Devourer, who managed to find Theresa once again. Although it gave dedicated chase, the Devourer succumbed to the nearby light and fled.


As Gabriel's journey takes him to the forest of Thorndeep, he attempts to rest at the home of the woodsman Fergus, who Gabriel managed to rescue from native Hobbes. Unfortunately, the Devourer soon came across this peaceful retreat, forcing Fergus to abandon his lifelong home and join Gabriel and Theresa on their quest to reach a temple of the Enlightened and retrieve the Willstone within, which would aid the group in their battle against the Devourer and its cohorts.


Reaching the temple known as the Forge of Fire, Gabriel managed to emerge victorious with Willstone in hand, only to be confronted face-to-face with the Devourer. Although the Dweller managed to destroy the nearby hordes of balverines, he was no match for the Devourer, who incapacitated him with little effort. The Devourer proceeded to taunt the fearful Dweller, revealing that Albion was to become the domain of its master once and for all.

At this critical moment, Gabriel called out to Fergus for help. Hearing his friend's plea, Fergus, initially scared off by the intimidating Devourer, managed to put aside his fear and charge at the Devourer, which distracted the Corruptor's lieutenant. Although it managed to kill Fergus, the time the woodsman bought allowed Gabriel to channel the power of the gauntlets and destroy the creature.


  • The Devourer somewhat resembles the Crawler, the antagonist from Fable III.
  • The Devourer also resembles a mix between the Batman villain known as The Scarecrow and Cthulhu.
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