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Wishworld - An Early Prototype[]

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Wishworld was a magical combat game where you could change the world around you to fit your demands. If your character had water abilities you could fill an ocean with mermen then make one of them very large and ride him into a battle.​​​​​​ You could shape the world around you with ​​​​your magical abilities, An example is that you can protect your base and order creatures to protect and explore around the area.[1]

Development Continues[]

Preview of Project EGO from Official Xbox Magazine Issue #1 / December 2001

Development of Project EGO started on the Sega Dreamcast due to the partnership between Sega and Microsoft. However, after the Dreamcast was a commercial failure the game was instead brought to be one of the first exclusives for the Xbox. [2]

The game took about four years to create, with a team of around 70 developers working on it. The main ideas of Fable were the hero visually reflects his experience and the world would react appropriately to the player's actions.

Peter Molyneux was quoted as saying, "It's gonna be the best game ever." [3]


Many features promised in Project Ego were never implemented. The original concept was to give the player total freedom with an open-world game, but the final version was very linear.

A cooperative multiplayer mode was planned, but it was later scrapped. Most locations seen in the early screenshots were removed from the final game or heavily changed.

Big Blue Box wanted to create a time system in which seasons and years would pass according to the game’s time. Your character would age and the world would change to reflect this. This hyped time-feature was completely removed.

In a leaked beta screenshot, the Hero is shown stabbing a child in the head. This was removed.




E3 2002 Trailer

Project EGO Trailer from 2002