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Disambiguous.png This article is about the side-quest. For the earlier Hero of Will quest, see The Crucible (Quest). For the location in Westcliff, see Crucible (Location).
The Crucible Champion
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Spire
Succeeding None
Start Westcliff
End Westcliff
Reward The Chopper

The Crucible Champion is a quest you get after you complete The Spire quest. The task is to try to break the record to get the legendary weapon, The Chopper. You need to have 8 perfect rounds to get The Chopper.


  • If possible, use a henchman, this way you can kill everything twice as fast than usual.
  • Time Control might seem to slow the clock, but it actually has no effect.
  • Level 5 inferno and lightning are really powerful attacks that can kill a lot of enemies at once.
  • See Crucible (Location) page for more tips for each individual round.
  • If you have henchman, don't walk right up to the starting point. Get your henchman to go to it (this won't start the round) and have them charge up a high-level spell. (Preferably Shock or Inferno) then walk up to the starting point. Doing this means that your henchman should be able to kill most of a round (if the room is small or if you or your henchmen are near a spawn area) with one area spell then kill the ones that survive.
  • Use strong high-level will spells such as blades and shock.
  • On the last round (Rock Troll and never-ending Hobbes) it is recommended that you use at least a level 2 Time Control spell, and then level 4 or 5 (preferably 5) Shock or Inferno (preferably Shock). If it doesn't kill all the Hobbes, it will stun them and knock them over, giving you time to shoot the troll.
  • Using inferno's area attack takes out almost half of the troll's health if used close to the troll.
  • Using high level time control spells to slow-mo for the entire round might glitch the game and cause the round to end exactly on the time needed for a perfect round (even though only a few seconds have passed), as such you will not get perfect round.
  • In the last round with the Rock Troll use a level 5-time control, then a level 4 or 5 chaos, redo the time control, then use a level 5 shock.

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