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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Hero of Will quest. For the location in Westcliff, see Crucible (Location). For the later side-quest, see The Crucible Champion.
The Crucible
Type Main Quest
(Part of The Hero of Will)
Preceding Road to Westcliff
Succeeding The Spire
Start Westcliff
End Westcliff
Reward 10,000 gold
Trophies Crucible Trophy

The Crucible is a quest in Fable II forming part of The Hero of Will. It involves the Hero completing the eight rounds of the Crucible in order to be hired as a Spire Guard.

Arrival in Westcliff Camp[]

After leaving the Howling Halls at the end of Road to Westcliff, the Hero and Hammer are greeted by a couple of non-hostile bandits by the entrance to Westcliff Camp. Theresa also introduces the Crucible to you over your Guild Seal. After losing your followers, who eventually get bored of following you around, or are killed by the hero, Hammer suggests you try to get in to the Crucible. At the top of the steps, you meet former Crucible champion Mad-dog 'The Strangler' McGraw, and fellow commentator Allen Murray. They state that you must have more Renown before you can start competing.

Renown Required: You are unable to continue with The Crucible (Quest) until you have accumulated 2,500 Renown, attaining Familiar status in Westcliff.

The Competition[]

When you have increased your Renown, return to the Crucible and you will be allowed to enter. Hammer, on the other hand, will be denied entry for making fun of the commentators. The game saves on entry, and you are unable to fast-travel out of the region until the competition is complete. You arrive in the Entrance chamber, which contains a trader, as well as a few other competitors. These include a mage who seems very nervous and a child by the name of Gorgoron the Villager who talks with a deep demonic voice and calls herself "Gorgoron the Soul Slicer, scourge of all that is holy and pure".

The Rounds[]

  1. Beetles
  2. Hobbes
  3. Stronger Hobbes
  4. Hollow Men
  5. Bandits
  6. Highwaymen and a few Bandits
  7. Balverines
  8. Rock Troll and randomly spawning Hobbes

See the Crucible (Location) page for more information on the rounds.

Trader Room[]

After every third level, you come across a trader who can restock your potions and food, as well as sell you some weapons and clothing.

Crucible Champion[]

After defeating the last round, you are hailed as a Crucible champion, allowing you to use the Lionheart title for free, and you receive the Crucible Trophy. You are then teleported back to the entrance. Hammer congratulates you on your performance, and Theresa states that you should finish all quests and jobs you want to do before you leave for the Spire; "Garth isn't going anywhere...".

Note: The player has to get 8 perfect rounds the second time they fight in the Crucible to receive the Chopper. It cannot be gotten the first time through, even if the player gets eight perfect rounds.

Quest Card Emblem.png Closure of Quests

Going to The Spire will permanently close the following quests:

This will also suspend all other available quests until your return.

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