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The Coronation
Type Main Quest
Preceding The Battle for Albion
Succeeding The Weight of the World
Start Bowerstone Castle
End Bowerstone Castle
Reward Achievement icon.pngThe Ruler of Albion

The Coronation is part of the Fable III main quest, and the final quest of the first half of the game. After the conclusion of The Battle for Albion, the Hero is crowned the new ruler of Albion by Sir Walter and is cheered on by the citizens and some of the revolutionary allies. At the end of the coronation, Jasper and Walter introduce the new monarch to Hobson, who will provide assistance during the second half of the game.

Your first duty as monarch is to decide the fate of your brother. The Hero needs to judge the decisions Logan made while king, and hear his reasons for them. Each of the allies you gained support from (with the exception of Samuel) will put forward their own view on what should be done with Logan, and then you will get the chance to decide whether to pardon or execute him.

Judge Logan, former king of Albion

Pardon (Good)

Logan will pledge his support to you, and his troops will join your soldiers when needed.

Moral Outcome
Execute (Evil)

Logan will be led outside the castle, and executed by firing squad on the front steps.

Moral Outcome

After the cutscene, you will be automatically transported to the Road to Rule, where Theresa will explain the true reason for the revolution.

This concludes the Road to Rule section of the story (although the mystical path itself will be visited at least once more), and begins the second part, The Weight of the World.

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