The Choice
The Choice
Type Fate Card
Source Theresa
Base value 5 gold
Stars 1star

The Choice is one of the Fate Cards you get from Theresa. It likely refers to the three wishes that can be made by the Hero of Bowerstone in The Spire at the end of Retribution. Due to the picture on the card, it may also refer to the hero's choice to stay in A Perfect World or pursue their destiny of facing Lucien Fairfax.

Contents of Card Edit

Use the card to listen to what Theresa has to say about it. Choice is the overriding philosophy of Albion. From the moment of birth until the moment of death, each person must make innumerable choices, each one leading either down the path of light and hope, or the road to darkness and despair. But this card is usually reserved for the greatest of choices: those which will determine not just our fates, but the fate of the world too.

The Choice. A terrible decision waits in your future - and just beyond it, a glorious reward.

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