The Chieftain
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Knothole Glade Chief (Ancestor)
Home Knothole Island
Enemies Gordon
First Appearance Fable II - Knothole Island
Last Appearance Fable II - Knothole Island
Status Alive, but Exiled

The Chieftain is the leader of Knothole Island.

Personality Edit

The Chieftain is very power-hungry and greedy. This is shown when, after activating all of the Weather Totems, he announces that only he and the Hero (who he calls "assistant" despite the fact that you do all of the dirty work) will be allowed to enter the Weather Chamber and that he will require the residents of Knothole Island to pay a small fee in order for him to keep the "strenuous position". He is also a glory hog and is quick to put the blame on the Hero when things go bad. For instance, after the Hero ends the endless winter, drought, and rain, he takes all of the credit. When the residents of the island complain about the drought and downpour, he quickly blames the Hero. Overall, the residents of Knothole Island hate him and want him out of office. Gordon even hired an assassin to kill him but he failed.

The Weather Problems Edit

When the Hero first appears for the quest Knothole Island's Big Freeze, he requests that you bring an end to the cold. He halfheartedly points you in the direction of the Ice Key, which is needed to enter the Ice Shrine. After the hero goes through the shrine and activates the Sun Totem, he praises himself for bringing the sun back.

The next time the hero talks to him in Knothole Island's Huge Heat, he blames you for the drought and tells you to fix it by activating the Storm Totem within the Sun Shrine. He points you to the Sun Key and waits for you to activate the Storm Totem. After doing so, he once again takes all the credit for ending the weather problems.

The third and final time the hero talks to him in Knothole Island Drowning, he once again accuses you of the weather problems, which is now relentless rain. He assumes the Storm Key hasn't been washed away and points you to it, and waits for the Ice Totem within the Storm Shrine to be activated. After doing this, the Hero arrives to find all of Knothole Island's inhabitants and the Chieftain in the middle of the town. Upon joining them, the Chieftain congratulates you before declaring that he and the Hero will be the only ones allowed to enter the Weather Chamber and that the citizens will have to pay a small monthly fee for its maintenance. Once the citizens challenge him, he offers 10,000 gold pieces to the Hero to back him up, which is the evil option. If the Hero chooses good, siding with Jessica, then the Chieftain is removed from office with Jessica in his place, at this he brutally insults the Hero that he will have revenge.

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