The Channeler
The Channeler
Weapon Information
Type Sword
Damage 16 - 89
Base Value 8200
Augmentations Quester, Researcher, Bladestorm
Acquisition Pre-order
Rating Unique

The Channeler is a legendary sword in Fable III. It is obtained by pre-ordering through JB Hi-Fi in Australia or by pre-ordering through Best-Buy in America, and also Steam. Created by Garth in his later years, The Channeler was imbued with his Will abilities giving it powerful magical effects.


Forged by the legendary spellcaster Garth. His research into the marriage of magic and steel allowed him to imbue this weapon with some of his impressive abilities. The Channeler is a powerful conduit for the magic in all Heroes, and it makes for a mean sword too.

Base DamageEdit

Star Level012345
Damage 16 2433 41 66 89

NOTE: This is based on the star level of the weapon. Does NOT factor in Strength (Swords, Hammers) or Stature (Pistols, Rifles) multiplier and/or bonuses from Augments.


Bonus Name Objective Reward
Quester Complete 30 quests. +Shock Damage
Researcher Spend 8,000 of your personal gold. Earn Guild Seals Faster in Combat
Bladestorm Kill 100 enemies with an unweaved Blades spell. +15 Extra Damage

Any figures in brackets are where the PC version has reduced requirements.

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