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The Cesspools
Area of Bowerstone Industrial
The Cesspools.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Kidnapped
Enemies Bats
NPCs Nigel Ferret
Exits Bowerstone Industrial

The Cesspools is an underground sewer area of Bowerstone Industrial in Fable III which is explored during the quest Kidnapped. It can be accessed via a trapdoor on the first floor of Wooble-Fuddlebuck-Glimborg Mansion, a house situated across from The Orphanage, and serves as the initial hideout for the criminal Nigel Ferret and his gang. It has two main rooms and a series of sewer/cave tunnels.


  • 1 Silver Key - Dive off the ledge and head up the path and around the corner to the right. Smash the wooden boards on the left-hand side of the tunnel to find this Key.
  • 1 Gnome - Proceed through the tunnel at the base of the hill past the turn to the right, to the dead end up ahead. The Gnome is on the far wall just beyond the light shining down from above ground.
  • 1 Rare Book - "Dangerous Things: Gunpowder" is located on the table just inside the entrance.


  • Chests x3
  • Dig Spots x5

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