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The Celery of Doom
Type Food
Source Lightwater Village
Related Quests The Game
Base value 26

The Celery of Doom is a unique food item in Fable III that can only be found during the quest The Game.

After the quest begins and the Hero is transported to Lightwater Village, the Celery of Doom can be found just beyond the village gates and up a short path to the left, lying on a bench. Eating the Celery will restore a small amount of health and cause the Hero to lose weight, if applicable.


In between bouts of burning and slaying, the dread demon lord Agrax Souldrinker liked to grow vegetables in his allotment. Vegetables like this piece of celery.


  • Any time that you find a food item in a chest or container while you have the Celery of Doom in your inventory, it says that the celery you are picking up is the Celery of Doom. However, upon checking your inventory you will find that it is actually just normal celery.
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