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Tomb and Cave in Bowerstone
The Catacombs.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Leaving the Castle
Enemies Bats
Hollow Men
NPCs Jasper
Walter Beck
Exits Bowerstone Castle

Sanctuary (only during Leaving the Castle)

The Catacombs contains the Hero of Bowerstone's tomb alongside his/her spouse and the Guild Seal. The Catacombs are found during the Hero's exodus from the castle in the beginning of the game, along with his/her Dog, mentor and valet. The Hero retrieves the Guild Seal as his/her own and is warped to the Road to Rule where he/she is greeted by Theresa. When he/she returns to the real world, the Hero activates a passageway under the tombs that leads through the catacombs, and the three walk through it while they fight bats. Later they come upon a dead end underneath Bowerstone Industrial with a Cullis Gate which leads them to the Sanctuary. The Catacombs will be inaccessible until you become the King or Queen of Albion. However, the pathway to the Cullis Gate will be blocked off by a pile of rocks. When you return here there will be a chest near the entrance and the bats will be replaced with balverines and hollow men.

Notable Loot[]

  • There is a Silver Key near the entrance. After entering, turn left and follow the normal path and to the left just before the bend and the encounter with the bats.
  • On the opposite side of the key is a Gnome.
  • There is a Golden Door on the left side of the path, which leads to a chest containing multiple Guild Seals.


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