Disambiguous This article is about the resident butler in Castle Fairfax in Fable II. For your personal butler in Fable III, see Jasper. For Lucien's old butler in Fable II, see Jeeves.
The Butler
The Butler
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Fairfax Castle
Relationships The Hero (Ex-Employer), Jeeves (Predecessor)
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive

The Butler is The Hero's butler once Castle Fairfax is purchased after the conclusion of the main quest in Fable II. The butler took Jeeves' place after he left Lucien.

When The Hero of Bowerstone purchases Castle Fairfax and receives the quest Castle Fairfax, the resident Butler will say, "Greetings Sir/Madam and welcome to Castle Fairfax." He will then tell the hero what the castle is like behind the golden door. When he is done, he will tell them about the regal bed that has magic powers that will make one more attractive. Once the hero first sleep in this magic bed, the butler will come to the royal suite and inform the hero that the castle is under attack. When the hero has killed all the bandits and the bandit chief, the butler will meet his master/mistress in the castle library and show them the secret passage the bandits came through. After the Fairfax Tomb passage opens, the butler resigns.

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