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Disambiguous.png This article is about the quest. For the group of people, see Bowerstone Resistance (group).

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The Bowerstone Resistance
Rebel Hideout (Bowerstone Sewers) 4.jpg
Type Main Quest
Preceding The Hollow Legion
Succeeding The Masquerade
Start Bowerstone Industrial
End Reaver's Manor
Reward 50 Guild Seals

The Bowerstone Resistance is part of the main quest in Fable III.


For having such an intense fear of caves and dark places, Sir Walter's extensive knowledge of the sewers is quite remarkable. Follow Walter out of the sewers and into Bowerstone Industrial, a place of no joy and no hope. Walter explains what your brother has done to this community, and how you will be given a chance to make it right.

Walter leads you to a demonstration taking place outside of one of Reaver's factories. The former Hero makes a quick example out of the protesting man, Farrell, once again displaying his true cruel, black nature. You can do nothing to help the man, so continue to follow Walter to the entrance of another part of the Sewers. Where you are going is not very far, but Walter is worried that you might receive a less than friendly welcome, and he is right. Several men ambush you and your friend, but before any blood can be shed, Page appears and quickly diffuses the situation.

Follow her and Walter back to her map room. Page is well aware who you are and does not trust you, but like Sabine, she is willing to let you prove yourself. While you gain 50 Guild Seals in meeting Page, you still have very far to go. Before you are allowed to complete the side quests you need in order to gain the 100 Guild Seals (and Page's trust), you are transported briefly to the Road to Rule where you can spend any Guild Seals you have at the moment.

Guild Seals Required: You need to collect 100 more Guild Seals and earn the following of the people of Bowerstone in order to continue with The Bowerstone Resistance.

Once back in Bowerstone Industrial, there are several side quests that you can embark on, some of which take part in other areas of Albion:

Note: Some of these are just the first in a series of quests. Refer to the separate articles to see how the series continues.

Quests Suspended: Returning to Page will suspend all quests until after the Masquerade.

Once you have gathered the 100 Guild Seals, return to Page. In the Resistance headquarters, you will find her, Walter, Major Swift, and Ben Finn all gathered around her map. Some of Page's men went off to break into Reaver's manor, but have not returned. She asks you to accompany her to Reaver's weekly masquerade party to help find them, and you are given the Masquerade Suit to wear. Go back to your Sanctuary and dress in the entire suit for the party before meeting with Page outside the gates to Reaver's Manor.

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