The Bloodstone Bludgeon
The Bloodstone Bludgeon
Weapon Information
Type Hammer
Damage 17-114
Base Value 8100
Augmentations Ogre, Arrogance, Heartless
Acquisition Free Weapons DLC
Rating Unique

The Bloodstone Bludgeon is a legendary hammer in Fable III. It is only attainable through the Free Weapons Pack DLC, along with Gusket's Musket.

Base DamageEdit

Star Level012345
Damage 17 2638 50 83 114

NOTE: This is based on the star level of the weapon. Does NOT factor in Strength (Swords, Hammers) or Stature (Pistols, Rifles) multiplier and/or bonuses from Augments.


Wielded by an unknown but mighty pirate in the great Bloodstone uprising, this hammer has seen things no hammer should see, and done things no hammer should do.


Bonus Name Objective Reward
Ogre Decrease your moral standing +16 extra damage
Arrogance Kill 5 people who love you +30% damage vs human enemies
Heartless Drag 8 villagers to work Gain money with each hit

Any figures in brackets are where the PC version has reduced requirements.


The fully upgraded damage of this weapon at level 5 is 130 and the bonus vs human enemies would be 1.3 times that. A definite reason for villagers with triskaidekaphobia to fear this weapon.


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