The Bitter Shrine
Demon Door location
The Bitter Shrine
Location Information
Exits Abandoned Road
"One was a gallant knight. His plate armour was so shiny. Probably what did my eyes in. Then there was an evil mage, wore the darkest magical robes you ever saw. The last was a rogue - a Bandit, bit like the chaps here."
— Demon Door

The Bitter Shrine is a location in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. It is concealed behind a Demon Door located near the end of the Abandoned Road.

The Shrine is filled with snow and surrounded by trees, rocks and hillocks. On the ground lie three skeletons, presumably those of the 'friends' mentioned by the Demon Door in its monologue.

To be able to enter the Shrine, the Hero must own the Bright Platemail Suit, the Dark Will User's Outfit and the Bandit Outfit (the latter of which you acquire during the Gold Quest Find the Bandit Seeress).

Inside the Shrine there is a Chest containing the Legendary Weapon Dollmaster's Mace.

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