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The Bereaver.png
Weapon Information
Type Greatsword
Damage 285
Base Value 69825
Augmentations Health (Anniversary) Flame
Acquisition Necropolis Demon Door
Rating Heavy

The Bereaver is a legendary greatsword in Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It can be found behind a Demon Door in the Necropolis. The Bereaver is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, with a damage stat higher than The Sword of Aeons/Avo's Tear. In order to obtain the weapon, The Hero must forfeit all silver keys in his possession to the demon door.


The origins of this broadsword are soaked in mystery, as well as blood. Though it is thought to have been wielded by one of the Guild's most evil Heroes, no record has been found of his name. Some say it belonged not to a man but to a demon, and that is why it gleams with the fires of hell.


  • It is possible to open the Demon Door without silver keys as long as you collect no silver keys before you get to the Demon Door. Give him your "keys" and he'll say "How in Skorm's name can you come all this way without a single key? Still, a deal's a deal, but why do I always meet the freaks?"
  • It is important to mention that in the Necropolis, there is a chest that requires 25 silver keys to open. Within this chest is a full set of Archon's armor – the most powerful armor in the game. Be sure to pick this up, and any silver key chests you may be missing, before surrendering your keys to the Demon Door, as it can be very difficult to replace them without the usage of cheats or exploits.
  • Some Bandit Guards wield a weapon very similar to the Bereaver, although these are only held with one hand.
  • The Bereaver is the only weapon to be called a "broadsword," as opposed to a "greatsword" or "longsword."
  • The Crossguard of the Bereaver resembles a hobbe's head
  • The Bereaver is likely a Reference to the weapon from the "Legacy of Kain" series known as "The Soul Reaver". The evidence for this is the skull and jagged blade are highly similar to the design of the Soul Reaver, along with the fact that the description of The Bereaver states that it's rumored to have been owned by a demon, and the owner of the Soul Reaver was the vampire Kain.
  • In The Lost Chapters, the Bereaver comes with two empty augmentation slots. If you put two sharpening augmentations on it, it will do 345 damage. This will match the Solus Greatsword, should the Greatsword have its empty slot filled with a sharpening augmentation.
    • However, in Anniversary, the Bereaver comes with only one augmentation slot that is already filled, therefore making surpassing the Solus Greatsword impossible.


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