The Bargain
Type Main Quest
(Part of The Hero of Will)
Preceding The Hero of Will: Brightwood Tower
Succeeding Road to Westcliff
Start Chamber of Fate
End Chamber of Fate

The Bargain is a quest in Fable II that forms part of The Hero of Will.

After witnessing Garth's capture at the conclusion of the Hero of Will quest, Theresa will ask you to return to the Chamber of Fate. There, she'll explain that Lucien cannot be allowed to keep Garth captive. You must get him out of the Spire, but you don't know the first thing about how to go about doing just that. Theresa suspects that Lucien's former butler, Jeeves, might be able to provide some insight into the situation.


Jeeves spends time at The Cow & Corset in Bowerstone Market. You'll find him in the second room upstairs, where he's busy trying to figure out what he's going to spend his money on. What money, you ask? The money he's about to ask you for. Jeeves has apparently "acquired" Lucien's old diary and gives you Jeeves's Note that outlines his price - "One Thowsande Goldde Peeces"! You have no choice but to just give him the 1000 gold, though you can slice him in two and grab your money back after he hands you the Map to Lucien's Diary.

In any event, you're off to Bower Lake to find "the stumps of three trees" at the base of "the hill named after Heroes". The spot you're looking for is on the east side of the map, right next to Heroes' Hill, the hill you teleported to from the Guild Cave at the beginning of the game. When you approach it, a massive Forest Troll emerges from the ground. The trolls in Fable II actually look tougher than they really are, though. As long as you dodge the boulders he occasionally tosses and his ground ripple attack, you'll be fine. Simply fire a shot or two whenever the tendrils sticking out of him turn red and he'll go down pretty quick.

With the troll dead, you can now let your dog guide you to the spot where Lucien's Diary is buried. You won't be able to understand any of it, so you'll have to return to Theresa so she can translate it for you. You'll be moving on to the Road to Westcliff quest from here.

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