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The Bandit
Type Main Quest
Preceding The Birth of a Hero
Succeeding The Journey Begins
Start Bower Lake - Bowerstone Road
End Bower Lake - Bandit Camp
Reward 100 Renown
Trophies Thag's Head

The Bandit is the first major quest you get when you are an adult in Fable II after you have acquired your abilities. The road to Bowerstone Market is blocked because of bandit attacks. You have to go find Thag and his bandit crew and kill them to carry on.


Follow the glowing path once again to reach his camp by Bower Lake. When you reach the camp, you will be ambushed by three small groups of bandits. After defeating these, Thag will appear and attack you.

When you have defeated Thag, enter his hut to discover a chest containing a key to the nearby cell containing captives. Also, there is a journal of some interest on the bed.

Good or Evil[]

Moral Dilemma: This quest has good and evil endings.

You now have the option to do one of three things with the key to the cell; you can free the captives, resulting in points toward goodness, you can give the key to the last bandit, who offers you 100 gold in accordance, earning you points toward evil, or you can walk away and continue along the main quest, earning you no points in either. It should be noted that if you turn safety off and kill the bandit before opening the cage, you get 100 gold anyway. After the bandit becomes hostile (only if you freed the captives), he will attack and if you manage to kill him, you will also get the 100 gold.

Moral Outcomes
  • 30 Good for freeing the slaves.
  • 30 Evil for giving the key to the bandit.

For those who wish to maintain a neutral status, first give the key to the last bandit, this will give the player points toward evil. Next kill the bandit to claim back the key and free the captives, this will give the player an equal amount of points towards goodness.

This completes The Birth of a Hero.

50px-20101003181337%21Compass_Rose.png Locations Unlocked

Completion of The Bandit unlocks access to Bowerstone and some areas of Brightwood.

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