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The Archaeologist
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Journey Begins
Succeeding None
Start Fairfax Gardens - Belle Rennock
End Fairfax Gardens
Reward 1,000 Renown (5,350 total)
Archon's Dream or 50,000 gold
Disambiguous.png This article is about the side-quest in Fable II. For the character in Fable and The Lost Chapters, see Archaeologist.

The Archaeologist is a multi-part side quest in Fable II available after the Hero has reached Oakfield and spoken to the Abbot at the Temple of Light. This is a 13-part quest which will send you all over Albion. Your faithful companion (the dog) will guide you to each buried artifact once you are in the proper area.



Aid Albion's premier archaeologist in locating ancient artifacts. Each find you make will contribute to your fame and earn you renown.


Each part of the quest consists of retrieving a buried artifact and returning it to Belle Rennock. Meet Belle at the dig site in Fairfax Gardens, where she will give you a research note containing a clue to the location of each artifact. Travel to the location indicated by the clue and dig up the artifact, then return to Belle. Each time you return an artifact, you will receive a certain amount of renown.

After delivering the final artifact, Belle will unlock a large door in the dig site and ask you to retrieve the treasure within. You will need to destroy two shards, then open the chest to retrieve the Archon's Dream.

Moral Dilemma: This quest has good and evil endings.

Head back up the stairs, and Belle will ask you to hand over the gem. You can hand it over, in exchange for 50,000 gold, or choose to keep it to sell later, in which case you must kill Belle. You will receive 1,000 renown after completing the final part of this quest.

Renown per Artifact[]

Artifact 1


Artifact 2


Artifact 3


Artifact 4


Artifact 5


Artifact 6


Artifact 7


Artifact 8


Artifact 9


Artifact 10


Artifact 11


Artifact 12


Artifact 13



  • Upon entering Rookridge while on this quest your dog may take off at a run heading for the dig spot. Be careful of the bandits as your dog will run right past them instead of giving a warning.
  • If you have chosen the sacrifice or wealth ending, the Glowing Trail work just like your dog and when you enter the correct region it will lead you to the artifact.
  • The clue referring to a cave on a beach (Artifact 9) refers to the Gemstone Grotto, located near The Hobbe Cave in Rookridge.
  • Certain archaeological quests require that you be so far into the main storyline. If Belle does not have any more quests, try progressing the main questline along. You will get a notification once the story has progressed and then she will have more quests for you.
  • If you have the Archon's Dream in your possession before completing the final part of this quest, due to receiving it as a gift from another player, you will not be able to pass through the doorway that Belle unlocks and thus cannot complete the quest. To fix this bug you can go to a gift trader or the gift stall in Bowerstone Market and sell the Archon's Dream to them and return to buy it back shortly after completing the quest.

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