180px-Fable 2 Bandit Leader Thag 01
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bower Lake
Enemies The Hero of Bowerstone
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Deceased

Thag the Impatient, usually known simply as Thag, is the leader of the Bandits in Bower Lake. He is the earliest boss in the game, killed during The Birth of a Hero. Cruel and malicious, Thag has little concern for the fate of his bandit followers, or the slaves he traffics. He is also notably illiterate, as evidenced by his journal. Thag's Cabin can be purchased after you defeat him.

History Edit

Some time prior to the Hero's return to Bowerstone, Lucien recruited the bandit leader to capture villagers and traders to serve as slaves in the Tattered Spire. Thag fulfils this role well, and builds up a fearsome reputation within the Bower Lake area.

It is due to this that the Hero is forced to defeat Thag and his gang in order to proceed; the road ahead had been closed due to bandit activities. The Hero claims his head as a trophy. It is also possible to purchase his cabin.


  • Reading his cabin history shows that his mother never loved him.
  • During the A Perfect World quest, Rose sometimes mentions that Thag had better watch out, or their father would "give him a good thrashing."
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