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Weapon Information
Type {{{type}}}
Ammo Capacity Ammo capacity (opt.)
Reload Time Reload time (opt.)
Range Range (opt.)


This template is used to explain information on a weapon. Use the following code on a weapon page to display the information:

| name=Name Of Weapon Here
| image=Name Of Image Here
| type=Type Of Weapon Here
| damage=Damage Stats Here
| price=Base Weapon Price Here
| augments=Augments List Here
| location=Where You Find The Weapon
| rating=Rating Template Here ({{*}}, {{**}}, {{***}}, etc.)
| capacity=Ammo capacity for guns, optional
| reload=Reload time for guns, optional
| range=Range of guns, optional

Blank Infobox

| name=
| image=
| type=
| damage=
| price=
| augments=
| location=
| rating=
| capacity=
| reload=
| range=

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